The Dostoevsky Project Wrap-Up #1: Everything I Wrote

I know this is spread out over more than two years, and you might not have read everything I wrote, or might not want to.  But just in case you do – below are links to everything I’ve written about Dostoevsky over this time, in chronological order.  It’s 43 entries I think.  I have to say I’m sort of proud of the fact that I stuck this out.  A lot of amateurish intellectual projects fall by the wayside after a few weeks.  For what it’s worth, mine didn’t.

I’m going to write two more posts: one about the best, worst, etc. of the readings, and another, a more holistic critical response to my experience, also considering Joseph Frank’s five-volume biography and Bakhtin’s Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poeticswhich I’m about two-thirds of the way through.

Speaking of Gambling and Prostitution (Introduction to the Project)

Dostoevsky’s Early Years and Poor Folk (or, The Dickensian Aspect)

 The Petersburg Feuilletons

The Double

Petersburg Grotesques

“The Landlady” and “White Nights” – Dreamers’ Romances

Netochka Nezvanova – the Last of the Pre-Exile Writing

“A Little Hero” and the Peter-and-Paul Fortress

Uncle’s Dream (and the Kant issue resolved!)

The Village of Stepanchikovo

Mr. -Bov and the Question of Art

The Insulted and Injured

A Nasty Anecdote

The House of the Dead – Prison EthicsThe House of the Dead

Winter Notes on Summer Impressions

Notes from Underground

The Crocodile

Crime and Punishment – Crime and PunishmentRoskolnikov’s Final Dream

The Idiot

The Eternal Husband

Demons Demons – Part OneDemons – Part TwoDemons – Part ThreeDemons – Final Thoughts

Pushkin on Painting and Shoemaking

A Writer’s Diary – 1873

The Adolescent – The Adolescent/A Raw YouthThe Adolescent

A Writer’s Diary – 1876-1877

A Writer’s Diary – 1880-1881

The Brothers Karamazov – The Brothers Karamazov – The Beginning of the End of the Reading ProjectBook IBook IIBook III – The SensualistsBook IV – StrainsBook V – Pro and ContraBook VI – The Russian MonkBook VII – AlyoshaBooks 8-9 -Mitya and The Preliminary InvestigationBooks 10-11 – Boys and Brother Ivan KaramazovBook XII (“A Judicial Error”) and Epilogue


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2 Responses to The Dostoevsky Project Wrap-Up #1: Everything I Wrote

  1. David says:

    –“A lot of amateurish intellectual projects fall by the wayside after a few weeks.”

    Tell me about it. Don’t even ask about the status of the serious work on moral responsibility I’ve been meaning to do.

  2. David says:

    This IS an impressive achievement, Josh. Glad you’ve gathered everything together in one place.

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