The Brothers Karamazov – Books 8-9 -Mitya and The Preliminary Investigation

I won’t say too much because I’m currently computer-less and iPad typing is frustrating. This part of the book was great in terms of plot action… Dmitri goes on a manic and dreamlike search for 3000 rubles, comes quite close to, but does *not* murder his father (honestly, I missed that detail the first time I read this) and then goes on a spree with Grushenka and her older Polish seducer, whom he insults and gets the best of, spending almost 1500 rubles on the way. Then he’s arrested for the murder of his father, but believing himself totally innocent, he cooperates with the investigators (who have already made up their mind of his guilt) and then he’s eventually led off in disgrace. He never quite gets to be with Grushenka, who swears to his innocence. It’s riotously funny to read in several parts – it often has the sense of that sort of dream where you keep reaching for something you can’t get, or where the mood changes from jovial to menacing and tragic in an instant, and it slowly dawns on you that you are going to die right then and there’s nothing you can do about it. Then you wake up. Dmitri doesn’t wake up though.

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