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Libertarianism and the Blue Ridge Parkway (Part One)

In recent posts, I’ve been exploring a (loosely) Libertarian line of thought. While I don’t think standard Libertarian accounts adequately ground their positions, I do believe that there are important insights to be gleaned from the tradition. I’ve sketched out … Continue reading

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Liberty and Equality

“Between liberty and equality, there can be but little fraternity.” (Montesquieu, correspondence with Voltaire)* I’d like to follow up on our previous discussion of Libertarianism, as a way of getting clearer on the position I was tentatively putting forward there. … Continue reading

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Liberalism and Libertarianism – Some Contrasts and Why They Matter

 vs.  I’ve recently written a few posts (about the dangers libertarianism poses for social justice, how those dangers might make us re-imagine our opposition to the war on drugs, and lastly how the recent Arizona conscience-clause-ish debate about serving gay … Continue reading

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Arizona, Gay Rights, and the Unhappy Marriage of Libertarianism and Conservatism (or, why saying “I’m a libertarian” doesn’t give you a free pass)

Libertarianism, just as much as “social conservativism” poses a danger for minority rights of all kinds.  If you support the cause of gay marriage, anti-Jim Crow civil rights, etc., you should not be a libertarian.  If you think homophobic laws … Continue reading

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On Nozick, On Williams

Bernard Williams and Robert Nozick are two philosophers I really enjoy reading. Seeing one directly address the other in print is strangely amusing, like finding out that two good friends you had met at different places and times in your … Continue reading

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Why Libertarianism is Dangerous

Over the past week or so, I’ve had a running good-natured argument on facebook about drug legalization – a friend has been arguing that (among other things) marijuana use shouldn’t be restricted by the government, because it’s an individual’s right … Continue reading

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