Josh’s multi-year project of reading everything Dostoevsky wrote, chronologically and in conjunction with Joseph Frank’s five-volume biography of the author. Here are the posts he wrote for this project, in order.

Speaking of Gambling and Prostitution...

Dostoevsky's Early Years and Poor Folk - or - "The Dickensian Aspect"

The Petersburg Feuilletons

The Double

Petersburg "Grotesques"

"The Landlady" and "White Nights" - Dreamers' Romances

Netochka Nezvanova - the Last of the Pre-Exile Writing

"A Little Hero" and the Peter-and-Paul Fortress

Uncle’s Dream (and the Kant issue resolved!)

The Village of Stepanchikovo

Mr. -Bov and the Question of Art

The Insulted and Injured

A Nasty Anecdote

Prison Ethics

The House of the Dead

Winter Notes on Summer Impressions

Notes from Underground

The Crocodile

A totally absurd generalization I’d like to discuss

Crime and Punishment

Roskolnikov's Final Dream

The Freak Book

The Idiot

The Eternal Husband

Demons - Part One

Demons - Part Two

Demons - Part Three

Demons - Final Thoughts

Pushkin on Painting and Shoemaking

A Writer's Diary - 1873

The Adolescent/A Raw Youth

The Adolescent

A Writer's Diary - 1876-1877

A Writer's Diary - 1880-1881

The Brothers Karamazov - The Beginning of the End of the Reading Project

The Brothers Karamazov - Book I

The Brothers Karamazov - Book II

The Brothers Karamazov - Book III - The Sensualists

The Brothers Karamazov - Book IV - Strains

The Brothers Karamazov - Book V - Pro and Contra

The Brothers Karamazov - Book VI - The Russian Monk

The Brothers Karamazov - Book VII - Alyosha

The Brothers Karamazov - Books 8-9 -Mitya and The Preliminary Investigation

Books 10-11 - Boys and Brother Ivan Karamazov

The Brothers Karamazov - Book XII ("A Judicial Error") and Epilogue

The Dostoevsky Project Wrap-Up #1: Everything I Wrote

The Dostoevsky Project Wrap-Up #2: Superlatives

Dostoevsky Project Wrap-Up #3: Final Thoughts (part A) - The Experience of All This Reading

Dostoevsky Wrap-Up #3 (B) - Joseph Frank's Dostoevsky (From the Top Down)

Dostoevsky Wrap-Up #3 (C) Bakhtin's _Problems of Dostoevsky's Poetics_ (from the bottom up)

The Dostoevsky Project - My Final Thoughts

One Way to Read Infinite Jest