Society of Fellows Big Thinkers — Day Six

Just a quick recap today, as this reporter just realized he has a lot of work to do before spring break ends!

After four games last night, our Enlightened Eight is now in place.

In the Midwest, top seed Plato moved on with a 77-69 win over #12 Beauvoir. So far in this tournament, no thinker has looked more impressive than the broad-shouldered Athenian, who has won each debate handily. Our other Midwest game saw a much-anticipated grudge match between Kant and Hegel. As befits the requirements of truth, Kant won out: 71-61.

In the South, the Cinderella run of Ptolemy came to an end in a 62-50 loss to Darwin. But the huge upset of the night was #1 seed Aristotle’s loss to #4 Newton. The Philosopher was well ahead going into the final moments of the debate, but lost his lead with uncharacteristically sloppy argumentation. The debate went to overtime — for the first time in this tournament — and Newton emerged on the shoulders of this giant.

With this round complete, let’s check the tournament rankings:

58 Jared “Go Blue” Newton
54 Rafeeq H
54 Nathan
51 Jackie
51 Dana
50 Ian
47 Matochkin_Shar
45 Jennifer F
45 James C
42 nkhverma
42 Jim W
38 Spencer
37 RockChalk
36 Mandy
34 Dialectic Means Defeat
34 Ben M
34 David L
32 Shania
26 roundball thinker

Jared benefited from Newton’s big upset to move into the sole lead. The Kantians continue to look good as well. Jackie has had an impressive bracket so far, but will struggle with Ptolemy gone. But the points double for the next round, so we can expect plenty of movement on the leaderboard by the end of the weekend.

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