Society of Fellows Big Thinkers — Day Seven

While the Society was falling in love with the Cinderella story of 15-seed Ptolemy, #9 Durkheim was quietly making a move of his own in the West region. After previously taking down top seed Aquinas, last night he had an equally remarkable upset victory over #2 Descartes, becoming the lowest ranked thinker to ever make the final four. Descartes surged in the second half of the debate, trying to make up for some ineffective early arguments, but fell just short, losing 70-66.

The late game saw #3 Spinoza meeting up with #4 Nietzsche in the East region final. The normally free-spirited Freddy wisely chose to slow down the debate, stifling the vaunted Spinozan logic. Baruch could find no alternate path to victory, and thus lost the low-scoring 55-39 match.

With these two games, we have a change at the top of the scoreboard. No one picked Durkheim to go this far, but previous leaders Jared and Rafeeq are both hurt by Descartes’s failure to make the final four. This means we have a new leader–namely, me! My astute pick of Nietzsche makes me the new Übermensch (at least for the time being), while Jackie moves into second with the same wise choice.

Here’s our updated leaderboard:

62 Nathan
59 Jackie
58 Jared
54 Rafeeq
51 Dana
50 Ian
50 Neil

Much will depend now on the winner of today’s matches, in which the remaining two thinkers in the final four will be determined. At 1:20 (CT), we have a scientific showdown between #3 Darwin and #4 Newton. Then, at 4:05, we have the colossal, long-awaited contest between #1 Plato and #2 Kant, in what could well be a debate for the ages.

Go Kant!

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