Society of Fellows Big Thinkers — Day Eight

Tonight there is no joy in Königsberg, for the mighty Kant is out.

Of his opponent Plato, Kant once remarked: “It is not at all unusual that in comparing the thoughts which an author has expressed about his subject, whether in ordinary speech or in texts, we understand him better than he has understood himself.” Tonight, Plato proved that his thought contains a truth that surpasses all self-understanding. There’s no shame in losing to the immortal Athenian, but Kant surely can’t help wondering what might have been. After an impressive first half, he was simply unable to handle a brilliant, dynamic Platonic attack. In the end, it was a categorical 85-63 defeat on this metaphysical battlefield, and Kant exits as a mere footnote to this year’s competition.

Our earlier game saw Newton easily extinguishing Darwin 79-59. A boasting Newton proclaimed the match a confirmation of the superiority of the physical sciences over biology.

After today’s games, Jared retakes the lead with 74 points. Here are our top ten brackets:

74 Jared “Go Blue” Newton
67 Jackie
62 Nathan
58 Ian
58 nkhverma
55 Matochkin_Shar
54 Rafeeq H
53 Jennifer F
53 James C
51 Dana

With this round complete, we now have our final four thinkers. On April 6, Plato will face off against the surprising Durkheim, and Newton will meet up with Nietzsche. The winners of these semi-final matches will compete for the Society of Fellows Big Thinkers championship on April 8.

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