Nate Silver and Burritos

I know I’m late to the party on this one but –

I was glad to see that he basically got it right – El Taco Veloz, Picante, de Pasada and La Pasadita are the four best places to get a burrito that I’ve been.  That’s even counting places in California, which are supposedly, according to people who spend too much time there, “better as a rule.”

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2 Responses to Nate Silver and Burritos

  1. John Cagle says:

    you hit close to home with this one. I will say that I’ve been to all the aforementioned establishments, all quality, all I support, in general. Chicago burritos do not include beans and rice, which I feel conflicted about, coming from Northern California. Save it. Without doubt, the carne asada is better in Chi. I go rib-eye stew at Pasadita. It’s really all about who is working the grill, anywhere…

  2. Josh says:

    La Pasadita does put some rice in there – the other places definitely each put beans also. By I have never tried the ribeye stew… is it an actual stew?

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