The Olympics Poem

So my sister, Julie, doubted whether one could write a good poem about the Olympics in a hurry.  This may not be good, but it’s not terrible, I think, and it was written in a hurry (under an hour).

The Olympics Poem


O! Lympics,

Now so many thousands of years old,

Still tempting one-dimensional humans

With the promise of Gold.


Morrisey worries that your Spirit

Has gone cold.  That you’ve become

A three-week Bonanza during which

Merchandise gets sold.


But I disagree with Morrisey’s

Dulcet yet skeptical tones.

How else would Nations

Compare the strength of their bones?


In water

On fields

On rubber mats

And bizarre apparatus


Our species gets sorted by

Metals and status.


So I salute you,

O-lympics!  Your flag flies higher

Than all!


(Nevermind that you’re

Completely forgotten

Come the first day of



8/16/2012  (12:06-12:54)

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