The Kant Poem

So every now and then I dash off a poem. And ‘dash off’ is really the right expression. Oh, and they’re not good–more word play than poetry. But enough false modesty! Here’s my latest masterpiece.

The Kant Poem

In your Kantian moods
You dream of possible worlds
Where happiness corresponds to virtue.

Where no man would ever hurt you.
Where only the Fool would desert you.

But in waking life you face this mundane truth:

Here the Happiest-Go-Luckiest will use you.
Here the vicious prosper, too.


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2 Responses to The Kant Poem

  1. Josh says:

    You’re a brave man, sharing a poem! I like it. The final cadence works. Don’t be so modest – that’s clearly more than word play.

  2. I. Kant says:

    I’m moved to tears. Thank you.

    Have you considered writing a poem on my buddy Lambert? Good fellow, and lots of material to work with there.

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