Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I was tempted not to see this movie, assuming it would be just another hipster-doofus romance in Michael Cera’s increasingly arrested film development. And Scott Pilgrim certainly is that. But I’m happy to report that it’s also a remarkably inventive and entertaining movie. If you haven’t seen the previews, the basic idea is to imagine life as working like a video game: one earns points, fights opponents, and works through a series of levels to achieve a distant goal. That concept could go wrong in all sorts of ways, but the director (Edgar Wright, who also did Shaun of the Dead) handles it well. As a child of the ’80s who spent much of my free time in arcades or playing video games at home, it was a lot of fun re-experiencing the musical and visual cues of my youth. Definitely worth seeing.

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  1. Josh says:

    Okay – so – I think that movie could have been much better than it was. It was visually very creative, but so much of the writing was just terrible, full of those pseudo-jokes that sort of obligate you to laugh… Lots of jokes of the this variety:

    A: I think X.
    B: X? Did you mean that metaphorically?
    C: No, literally, X.

    [in the background, a visual non sequitur confirms X is literally true… you laugh as if by reflex]

    That’s the outline of the joke… I’m having trouble remembering specific examples.

    I did enjoy the gentle ribbing of indie music culture – “their first album is like, not nearly as good as their first album.” Some of it was clever. But some of it was just so formulalc and smug.

    Also, this movie was longer than it needed to be. At least three of the ex battles could have been removed without incident. And the video game stuff is just such a rich area on which to draw – I thought they could do better.

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