Let Me In

I’ve just heard that they’ve made an English version of the Swedish film, Let the Right One In. The original, which David introduced me to, is incredible. It’s kind of a vampire coming of age story, but that really doesn’t do it justice. If you haven’t seen it, you should just go rent it. The new version comes out sometime this fall. It’s been moved to an American setting, but otherwise it sounds like a close remake. The bigger budget could be useful, as far as the horror effects go. I just hope they can recapture the wonderful atmosphere of the original.


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2 Responses to Let Me In

  1. David says:

    Yeah, to call ‘Let the Right One In’ the best vampire movie ever doesn’t do it justice. The story you linked gives reason for optimism about the American Remake–two words that typically equal the kiss of death.

  2. David says:

    Keeping with my tendency to criticize things I know nothing about–or, in this case, haven’t yet seen, here are two strikes against the American remake of “Let the Right One In”. Strike One: the title should be “Let the Right One In,” and not, “Let Me In.” The former sounds much cooler than the latter. Strike Two: the snow in the Swedish film, and the darkness, lent much to the cool, creepy atmosphere of that movie. I have doubts about whether the desert-like atmosphere of New Mexico will have a comparable effect.

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