American Remakes

A propos of Nates’ recent post about the american remake of the Swedish Let The Right One In, a survey question for OPers. ┬áName the top three American remakes of foreign films.

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6 Responses to American Remakes

  1. David says:

    To get us started, in no particular order:

    1. Twelve Monkeys (from the French, La Jetee)
    2. The Departed (from the Japanese, Infernal Affairs)
    3. The Vanishing (from the Dutch, Vorloos)

  2. Nates says:

    Great idea, David. Here are a few more:
    The Magnificent Seven (from the Japanese, Seven Samurai) — with Yul Brynner!
    Dangerous Liaisons (from the French)

  3. Josh says:

    I’ve got to plead ignorance here… I think I don’t take note often enough when a movie I watch is a remake.

    I did hear, however, that “Infernal Affairs” was much better than “The Departed.” Is that true?

  4. juan says:

    there’s a list on wikipedia of these choice would be
    1.The Ring
    2.A Fistful of Dollars
    3.Reservoir Dogs(haven’t seen Ringo Lam’s original,City on Fire).

    Im curious about Sorcerer, a remake of H.G.Clouzot’s masterpiece Wages of Fear.

  5. David says:

    Hi Juan,

    I was surprised to find ‘Reservoir Dogs’ on some lists of American remakes. Tarantino, of course, explicitly denies ‘remaking’ City of Fire, or even borrowing from it–he claims that he had not seen it prior to writing and releasing Reservoir Dogs. Assuming he’s being truthful, Dogs shouldn’t count as a ‘remake.’

    Have readers here seen either/both versions of The Vanishing? It’s a really creepy, interesting movie, about a guy who is traveling with his girlfriend when she disappears from a highway gas station/rest stop. The guy nearly goes crazy trying to find her–motivated as much by an intense desire to know what happened as a desire to reunite with his girlfriend–and he’s eventually contacted by the very creepy guy who abducted her. The deal is that all will be revealed on the condition the boyfriend experience exactly what the girlfriend did. This plot works very well in both the Dutch and American versions. It’s a great, smart thriller.

    • juan says:

      I have only seen the Dutch version, and since I read not so good things about the remake I never bothered to rent it.It is indeed a good film.
      If Tarantino doesn’t count, maybe then Funny Games or Victor/Victoria(Blake Edwards).
      Funny Games is really close to the original, but in the latter you could see the German chick naked from the waist up,whereas in the Hollywood version we can’t see Naomi Watts that way.However,I think she so appeared in Mulholand Drive,although I’m not 100% sure.Is it that the more famous people become the more they refuse to shoot that sort of scene(Watts wasn’t well-known before M. Drive) or does it have to do with the rating the film had to get in order to be shown in theaters?Funny Games is violent anyway,some nudity would have been its least problem,but it would have contributed to the impact on the audience.

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